Good news for Falmouth Hospital amid all the current NHS doom and gloom, as the in patient ward has reopened for the first time since it was refurbished.

It’s good to see a little investment in our local NHS infrastructure, even if it isn’t nearly enough, and it’s also a good sign that the hospital is back to capacity at a time when the threat of closure is hanging over many smaller centres.

This has to be a good thing too for Treliske, as more capacity - and beds - at smaller regional locations should mean a little less strain on a hospital where the often excellent staff are sadly overworked and underfunded.

Of course, all of this is being carried out against the background of continued Tory real-term cuts, and the threat of a centrally imposed NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plan which could see small Cornish units closing.

With that in mind, it is heartening to see that the new Cornwall Council leader, has vowed to increase funding for social care, although under the austerity obsessed Tories any extra funding has been like wringing blood from a stone.

But social care should go a way towards helping alleviate the current pressures on our hospitals, and could even provide a new source of employment.

Who knows, perhaps with Brexit coming closer we can finally get the £350 million for our NHS that Boris Johnson promised us - or perhaps not.