Politicians are slippery, it's a fact, but your pal the Skipper's appalled by the lack of facts from some of our candidates this week.

While I can't pull up Labour or the Lib Dems on lies - they've not been in government recently - there's a few misleading point from our recent MPs to point out - apparently our political reporter was too polite.

Mrs Newton claims the police budget has been protected, but that's only since 2015, while during Mrs May's tenure as Home Secretary it dropped by 14 per cent and 19,000 officers were lost - including more than 1,000 firearms specialists.

Mr Eustice claims the NHS budget will rise by £8bn - but Mrs Newton says it will be protected in real terms. This so-called 'increased spending' is actually in line with 2015 forecasts, while the OBR says it falls well below the 5 per cent needed  to keep the service running - but then so does Labour's NHS budget.

And don't get me started on the cash Cornwall loses after Brexit. All our Tory MPs are claiming they will secure a ‘fair’ funding deal for the county, which took almost £600 m in European money between 2007 and 2013.

That was set to continue to the tune of around £60m a year, and so far all we have been promised instead is a paltry £18million from the DCLG, with Julian German of Cornwall Council saying it fell "far short" of what the county needs.

Still, it can be tricky to compare the disparity between former MPs words and the actions of the government they so recently represented, when Labour have no recent track record to compare their manifesto to.

While that manifesto has been at least fully costed – unlike some – the IFS has warned planned taxes on the rich could fail to fulfil the needs of the party’s ambitious spending plans.

Who do you trust, the party which seems to be earnest in its promises – but may not be able to carry them out – or the party which has made the above claims – and may not intend to carry them out? All I know is, tomorrow it’s up to you, so get out and vote.