So Theresa May has found her magic money tree? It’s just a shame it can’t grow in Cornwall’s fertile soil.

The Cornish are left to struggle on once again as those they voted for save their own skins.

While the Conservatives have spent years telling us there is no money left, it seems they find some loose change the minute they need to buy their way back into power with a coalition: Happy to splurge an extra £1bn to secure an alliance with a far-right, terrorist-linked, anti-abortion, -gay and -women party. 

And no amount of ‘but it’s money for Northern Ireland’ will persuade me this won’t help prop up the DUP. It’s quid pro quo.

Michael Fallon has said Northern Ireland needs the money while the rest of us have to stick with an underfunded NHS, crumbling housing and poor schools, because the region is more deprived than England, Scotland and Wales. 

What about the most deprived area of the UK - Cornwall - actually one of the worst off in Europe?

The Tories are tearing us away from EU funding and refusing to pledge to replace the money - which has helped pay for everything from the Dracaena Centre to the Eden Project, and so much more.

So will our six Tory MPs fight for funding from their leader for Cornwall now that the DUP has managed to extract the cash from the Prime minister to prop up her government? I’ll wait and see.