It was good to see two local MPs telling us of their exploits in last week’s Packet. While we may not always agree on party politics, it’s important to rise above and recognise constituency MPs’ second function - serving their communities.

One notable exception last week was Derek Thomas, who it appears does not wish to favour us with his wit and wisdom.

Mr Thomas still seems peeved that we dared to write something less than flattering in a report about him several weeks ago, viewing a report of a schoolboy’s letter as somehow the beginning of our own personal vendetta.

Since then he has gone from terse to non-responsive, refusing to answer questions on the most mundane matters, and at one point threatening to tell his supporters to pull advertising.

While other MPs understand they and the press both have jobs to do, Mr Thomas seems Trump-esque in seeing our reports as personal attacks.

By not talking to us he does himself no favours, and more importantly he denies Packet readers, as his constituents, the benefit of his views.

Such a shame.