You won’t often hear the Skipper echo Trump, but in true Donnie J style, I can only think of one way to describe the Cornish Revivalist Army (or whatever they call themselves): SAD!

No-one wants to see the Cornish taken seriously by the rest of the country more than me, but a couple of keyboard warriors claiming responsibility for accidental fires? That’s not an army, it’s a laughing stock.

These clowns say they tested a ‘device’ at Redruth Brewery – apart from the sheer laughability, how do you further Cornish aims by blowing up a Cornish archive?

The damp CRA squibs are now claiming credit for fires in Truro and Penryn – yet no-one knows where. Perhaps they targeted that symbol of English oppression, the Morphy Richards toaster? Also, lads, setting fire to Porthleven bins is hardly revolutionary, even if it hadn’t just been an electrical fault.

Perhaps the most laughable of these tinpot insurrectionists’ announcements is their Pythonesque name change, from Cornish National Liberation Army to Cornish Republican Army. What next, The Terrorists Formerly Known as the CRA?

These fools - who may not even be based in Cornwall - are not furthering Cornwall's cause but harming it. They should be given all the credit and credence they deserve, which is none.