Once again developments threaten to swallow large swathes of the green space around our towns, and sad to say I feel little can be done to stop it.

Now the hue and cry over College Valley in Penryn has died down, Cornwall Council seems set to approve Walker Developments’ first stage in its plans to concrete the area, without even having to bother any of our elected representatives.

Things have been quiet in the valley, without much by way of public interest, and since Penryn Town Council rolled over and the latest application has garnered less opposition than previous ones, it will most likely be decided by a delegated officer.

The town’s Cornwall Councillors could call it in, except that while Penryn services will face the strain, the development is technically not in their patch. Meanwhile Budock councillor John Bastin, so vociferous in fighting against the grey wedge along Bickland Water Road, seems less bothered when the new-builds are out of sight and the tax is likely to roll in.

And in Mabe another 60 homes are planned - as in Penryn, not the required one-roomers, but the more profitable two to four bedroom units. At least their parish council has objected, and maybe their Cornwall Councillor will do the same.

And this afternoon plans will be unveiled for 300 new homes along the A30 - what a sight that will be to greet visitors to the new metropolis of Falryn. Or is it Penmouth?