Oh for the quiet life! Of a sort.

I enjoy the odd tot of rum, and am glad Cornwall Council saw sense and gave the Chain Locker a licence despite the outcries of a few light-sleepers with holiday apartments to let.

Unless these folks are centuries old - judging by their dislike of fun, they may be - then the pub was there before them, and they knew what they bought when they moved in.

To remain vibrant, enjoyable, and attractive to both students in the winter and tourists in the summer, - not to mention locals - we need a night life as well as daytime venues. Too often these are shut down because a few people dislike the idea of revelry and noise in the town centre they chose to live in.

I support the agent of change principle, no-one should force closure of a business because they chose to live next to it.

If our government can bring in a law to this effect, then I’ll drink to that.