Love it loathe it - and your pal the Skipper is a little divided - Falmouth Week is almost upon us once more.

Yes, it’s somehow already August, which means the population of our wonderful little town will be swelling next week as yachting types descend to take in a week of on-the-water events, while for those without sea legs there’s partying aplenty.

For an old sea dog like me, it does seem a bit of a shame that the regatta side of “regatta week” seems to be overshadowed these days in many people’s eyes by what is going on shore-side.

Still there is definitely a place for both the sailing and the on-shore events which attract their own distinct fans who bring a lot of additional money to the town.

There is plenty of room to accommodate them all and it’s great for Falmouth to have such a vibrant week filled with people having fun.So, next week I’ll have my party hat on - and matching eyepatch, naturally - and you should be able to spot me getting on down to at least some of the bands at Events Square. Shout and say hi?

I’ll also be looking forward to seeing the Red Arrows flying, albeit over the bay rather than in the wonderful environs of the harbour. Such a shame.

Still, I guess it’s just another excuse to get the boat out for a bit of a closer look. 

And perhaps a couple of pints too, maybe a pasty.  
A tot of rum? Oh, go on then.

Excuse me, I’m off to get ready.