Looks like muck-slinging has become a bit of a preoccupation up Stithians way, both literally and metaphorically.

The appearance of some worrying tanks in a field have been causing consternation to locals, concerned a new human sewage treatment facility will be opening up in their tranquil surroundings.

They’ve kicked up a stink, but the landowners claim it is purely a way of enriching their farm, and the Environment Agency has agreed they’re doing nothing wrong.

At the Packet we don’t like to rake up too much dirt for its own sake, but with cases like this it’s important to try and get to the bottom of things. A lot of spreading has been going about the village, with rumours and false accusations, but it seems both sides have valid points.

While nobody wants to see human slurry pouring off fields and into watercourses, or ramblers sprayed with sludge, there is currently no indication any of this will happen. You can’t begrudge a landowner the chance to improve his holding - we live in an agricultural county and healthy fields are its backbone. As long as everyone acts properly, and is seen to be doing so,where’s the harm? 

At the end of the day there’s only so much space in our beautiful county - well, once you take out all the massive private estates us regular folks will never be allowed to set foot on.

Why can’t we all just try and get along, otherwise nobody will come out clean?