Maybe it’s because I’m now a salty old sea dog, but I just can’t understand many of today’s youngsters.

It seems to me not a month goes by without some or other play park being pulled apart by mindless teens.

To me, this just seems senseless, or even counterproductive. If you’re bored, why smash up something that could provide you with enjoyment?

And even if swings and roundabouts aren’t exactly your thing, does that mean you have to go and destroy the fun for other, smaller children?

No, it does not. I doubt all of these vandals who have been ripping up Trescobeas play area - and the Beacon before that, and Kimberley Park before that - are only children. Many of them must have younger siblings. Do they really want their own kin ripping their hands up on bent metal or simply left with nowhere to go and enjoy themselves now summer is finally upon us.

These children need to take a good hard look at themselves and what they’ve done, or someone else needs to make them take a look.

At their young ages it’s unlikely - or at least I hope it is - that they would feel totally unmoved if they were made to consider the consequences of their actions.