Your pal the Skipper was shocked to see one of Falmouth’s councillors taking aim at a sitting target this week.

Bob O’Shea told a council meeting he thought there were too many mobility scooters in the town, going ‘the wrong way.’

I’m sorry, Bob, but what exactly do you propose we do to clear up this obvious menace to public safety? Do we ask these people, who one would assume have a disability, to just take up their mats (or in this case their heavy piece of equipment) and walk? It may work for Jesus, but not for a mere Falmouth councillor.

Or to avoid them taking their ten-tonne machines the wrong way, should they instead filter up Wood Lane and back down Killigrew to get from Tragos to Superdrug?

Perhaps we just fit them with bells to give us fair warning?

Or Bob, just accept we live in a society where everyone deserves fair treatment. Otherwise perhaps we’ll fit you with a warning bell instead.