The law is an ass, yet grinds exceeding slow. Or some such. Sorry, I get confused. As do some of our respected justices, it would appear.

What other explanation when a man who tried to fight an entire pub will leave jail in eight weeks, while a lad, led astray, who caused no physical harm, will spend two years being schooled by older prisoners?

There are guidelines for sentencing, but I wonder if judges in the cases of Daniel Mair and Rowhan Glenister had their files swapped?

Mair, who by one account ‘scat an old boy’s teeth out’ and undoubtedly assaulted police officers, got five sentences of four months - but they will run concurrently. Why? He has been sentenced to two years for his crimes, make him serve them.

Glenister was 19 at the time he - admittedly criminally - entered Domino’s pizza and did nothing more than ‘egg on’ an older man.

The judge recognises he is vulnerable and impressionable. Prison surely is the worst possible way to prevent his reoffending?

Is this an effective justice system? Jury’s out.