I, ALONG with many other people, was saddened to hear of the passing of Candy Atherton on Monday.

I am sure I speak for everyone on the Packet team, many of whom had worked with Candy at some point, when I say how liked and respected she was, by us and by the Falmouth community.

Over the years we have reported on so many important campaigns she ran, and so many achievements for the town in which she was involved: everything from reining in student landlords to funding school safety and seagull-proof sacks, via securing devolution for the town’s services, while also campaigning on wider national issues such as wages, women’s rights and the NHS.

Her legacy is such that she drew people from both sides of the political spectrum to put their party allegiances aside for the good of the town, and the county. And hopefully we, her former constituents and eventual successor can continue that.

She will be sorely missed.