Is Cornwall Council dead set on taking a farmer’s land for the university?

And why won’t the staff answer straight questions about their plans?

While the mutterings around Penryn are all about a potential compulsory purchase order for Treliever Equestrian Centre, the council refuses to confirm or deny it. And moreover, it hasn’t said why it is so insistent on using these particular plots as opposed to others, right next door, with willing landowners.

The council has said it wants to build a ‘creative village,’ but with new cycle and pedestrian routes, would the extra 500 or so metres from the campus to Penvose be too far to place it?

And now the council is looking to get directly financially involved, as it sees university expansion plans as ‘economically important.’ What financial motives do our leaders have in this scheme, on this land? And does it affect other planning considerations?

Meanwhile, a farmer whose family has owned the land for generations is left in limbo, as are other businesses and landowners all around our two towns.

Decisions must be made, and soon.