Those of you watching Blue Planet 2 (and let’s face it that’s most of us) will have been amazed at the incredible variety of life that lives in our seas.

However, they would have been equally appalled by the amount of rubbish that is littering our oceans.

In particular the massive, and I mean massive, islands of plastic circling in our seas, polluting our oceans and poisoning the animals that live there.

Who can forget the sight of the Pilot Whale refusing to let go of the body of its calf which was poisoned through her contaminated milk, or birds trying to feed their offspring pieces of plastic? In situations like this it is easy to feel despair. However. I was heartened this week to see that Falmouth is taking part in the Refill Cornwall scheme, where business agree to refill peoples’ water bottles for free to cut down on the purchase of one-use plastic bottles which are not only polluting our seas but poisoning the land as well.

An incredible 64 million single-use bottles are used in Cornwall every year, yes, that’s just in Cornwall. The mind boggles at how many are used worldwide every day and end up in landfill on the land or on the sea.

So well done to everybody taking part in this scheme. It’s the little things that grow and can really make the difference.