Free Covid tests stopped being supplied free by the Government on Friday, just as it seems that everybody is contracting the blinkin’ thing.

Still, it goes back to Donald Trump’s old trick: if you don’t test, cases begin to fall, simple! (Insert your own Eddie Murphy tapping his head meme here!)

Except it isn’t simple, because we see it all around us, and I am talking about Cornwall here, but it’s being replicated all over the country people are falling like flies.

Thanks to vaccinations and boosters most people don’t experiences really bad hospitalising symptoms, I can personally vouch for that. But it’s still a pretty horrible experience for a lot of people and some go on to develop Long Covid, which is a pretty scary thing.

During the whole two years so far it was a big thing if someone you know got Covid, now near everybody I know has got it, it’s just endless.

Schools are struggling to cope with staff being constantly off, businesses suffer and everyone’s spreading it because they don’t know they’ve got it; even schools can’t get tests anymore.

Meanwhile Boris Johnson’s government hunkers down and hopes everybody will forget about it, especially ‘Partygate’. People don’t care about it according to Jacob Rees Mogg. But people died while you partied and we won’t forget about it.