Though the new Co-op set to open at the bottom of the beachfront Liner building has its plus points – like creating 30 new jobs, as well as being a benefit to local residents now able to get a pint of milk without a local newsagents nearby before – I do hope that the branch won’t result in more rubbish or discouraging behaviour on the beach.

By rubbish I’m not talking about your cartons of milk, but mainly, and perhaps more pressingly, alcohol, sandwiches and other ‘on the go’ food that some people consistently choose not to take home with them, thus ravaging our local beauty spots.

Furthermore, despite the branch advertising its facilities to recycle soft plastics, I am sure it’ll be interesting to see how many beachgoers pop back to use them when push comes to shove.

Situated so close to the beach, boasting later closing times, and probably much cheaper prices (especially with a 10% student discount) than the adjacent cafe on the beach I also worry it provides a prime opportunity for cheap(er) booze and late nights – something I hope doesn’t add to the levels of anti-social behaviour in Falmouth that have been so prominent in recent months, and damage the reputation of our historic town. 

Moreover, shorter waiting times for grabbing food and ice cream for a beach pick-me-up may impact takings beach cafes including Gylly and Castle, both of which are locally owned.

I am sure I am not alone in my angst, but I hope to be proved wrong – only time will tell!