LAST Sunday saw the 36th annual Martin Jennings Memorial Motorcycle Run take place in Cornwall with the aim of raising money for the Stroke Association. 

Unfortunately, in the way that things in life sometimes do, the event suffered a slight hiccup in that bikers mistakenly came off the A30 at Cornwall Services instead of the pre-planned route. 

What followed was an inundation of sour comments and finger-pointing at various parties that did not befit the event. Particularly those aimed at main organiser in particular, David Saunby, who has been fundraising with the run for over 36 years.

How many of the people directing their vitriol at organisers have any experience of putting on an event of this size themselves? I would take a wild guess at not that many. 

While constructive criticism is fine, badmouthing organisers for mistakes that aren't their fault, or describing other riders as b*llends, doesn't make you right, nor does it help improve the event next year. 

Mr Saunby has since apologised for the hiccup and acknowledged that the matter will be looked into.

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But after all the man has done to put on the event over three decades, is he not allowed to be cut a little bit of slack?

Here's hoping that next year's event is better than ever thanks to all those complaining about it this year.