Truro and Falmouth MP Sarah Newton has condemned the live export of animals from UK ports and has called on local residents to join the campaign for a ban.

Current European Union regulations allow UK farmers to export living livestock to other EU countries. Concerns about the distress these journeys cause to the animals involved have been picked up in Parliament where a group of MPs, including Mrs Newton, are pressing for a live export ban to be introduced.

The group have launched a petition in support of the ban, and are calling on the Government to pursue urgent talks with the EU to try and end the practise.

Mrs Newton said: ‘‘Live animal exports cause terrible distress to the animals involved. Loaded into confined and poorly ventilated spaces, jolted during long hours of travel and often transferred to unsafe holding pens at ports, animals are put under immense stress and sometimes die en-route.

‘‘I would urge everyone who wants to see an end to this cruel practise to sign the petition calling for a ban-in order for the Government to make the case for a ban to the EU Ministers needs to know how deeply people care about this issue.

‘‘In Britain we have a proud tradition of compassion towards animals- with the help of the public I am confident that we can make real progress in ending this iniquitous trade.’’

The ban live exports petition will be available for people to sign at Mrs Newton’s office at 18 Lemon Street, Truro and can also be downloaded from Sarah’s website: