HISTORY was made in Cornwall this week as a unique project to recreate a 4000 year old boat reached its dramatic conclusion as it launched into the waters of Falmouth Harbour.

Professional boatbuilder Brian Cumby and a team of volunteers re-created the large replica Bronze Age stitched boat using traditional tools and materials. These video shows the progress from the first steps to the completion.

There are nine videos in total, scroll down to view.

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Part 1

Part 2: This 2nd video shows how the forward section of the keel has progressed

Part 3: The boat begins to take shape. The battening process at the end, is being used to help us decide the shape of wood we will need to form the frames and planks that will hold it all together.

Part 4: The boat continues to take shape, plus a visit to the woods at Trelissick to watch Dave Hart making the mallets that are required for the project

Part 5: The boat has now got its Port and Starboard Keel planks in position

Part 6: The Frames have now been fitted and the keel planks have been withied together using yew.

Part 7: In this episode you can see the team manufacturing and fitting the hull planks which will make up the remainder of the hull. These will then be stitched into position using Yew withies.

Part 8: Brian and the volunteers have really cracked on with the project and the boat is now all together and on its trailer. All that's left to do now is to put all the stitches in and move the boat to its launch site.


Part 9: The last stitch has finally been made! After nearly 11 months of work, the final withy was stitched onto the capping rail.

FOR the launch day story and video click here