MY wife and I recently completed a Princess Cruise which took us, amongst other places, to the city of Falmouth.

Almost as soon as we got off the ship we were met by a group of cheerful volunteer citizens who immediately asked if they could help us find our way to whatever we wanted to see.

They directed us to the city whereupon we quickly met another group of your citizens who directed us to the several places in the town we wanted to see.

Again, when we had run out of time, some of your people showed us which road took us back to the ship.

If it had not been for your ambassadors we would probably still be running around Falmouth trying to get back to the ship as it sailed away from the port.

Your ambassadors made our all too brief of a stay in Falmouth very much more enjoyable than it would have been otherwise.

I want to thank you all for your help and guidance. I wish other ports we visited during our cruise had ambassadors as Falmouth does.

Please keep up the good work and continue to guide and direct more lost souls as they wander your streets. Thank you all again.

David and Judy Barlow, Ottawa, Canada