A newly qualified first aider from Truro has saved her friend’s life just one day after taking the course

Clare Greenwood successfully completed her one-day Emergency First Aid at Work course with St John Ambulance on Friday July 12.

And just one day later had to leap into action when her friend, Jo Simmons started choking, during dinner.

"I completed the course on Friday afternoon and then headed down to The Lizard for the weekend," said Clare.

"On Saturday evening I was enjoying a meal with a group of friends. Shortly after my table had their meal served, Jo took a mouthful and started to choke.

"She was leaning forward and unable to speak – I reckoned it was either early stages of a seizure or choking and, as we were at a meal, I quickly made the assumption that she was choking."

Clare used the back slaps she had been practicing on her first aid course the day before; the second one worked and Jo started to breathe again.

"She thanked me profusely saying she literally hadn't been able to breathe and that I had saved her life," Clare added.

Clare had taken the course for her job as administrator and fundraiser with the James Parkinson Centre in Truro, a facility for people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.

She took the first aid course because the organisation serves meals to vulnerable people who are at increased risk of choking.

Tony Wardle from St John Ambulance, who gave Clare the training said: "I’m so chuffed to hear about this. It’s wonderful when you get this kind of feedback and people appreciate that they’ve been the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

‘This is the second time in two years that one of my trainees has been in touch to say they’ve saved a life."

To find out more about St John Ambulance first aid training call 0844 770 4800 or visit www.sja.org.uk/training