The depths of Falmouth Bay hold many a secret, but none more intriguing than the rust-pocked carcasses of World War I German U-Boats just off Pendennis Point.

Salvaged from Scapa Flow in Scotland where the enemy fleet had scuppered itself at the end of the war, the handful of submarines were brought to Falmouth Bay as part of the war reparations scheme.

While some were used for target practice, the majority were sunk when a freak storm blew them off their moorings and onto the shore.

Geoffrey Dash brought some photographs into the Packet showing what remained of one of the submarines when a low tide revealed its hull two years ago.

“You have got to get it at low tide, and also if possible in an offshore wind,” Geoffrey said.

“August is a good time because of the low tides.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about the location of the submarines can give Geoffrey a call on 01326 218199.