The people of Falmouth are to be given the chance to pay their respects to those who lost their lives in the First World War after the town council agreed to hold a memorial to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the conflict.

Councillor David Saunby raised the issue at last week’s meeting of the council when he stressed how important he felt it was to commemorate the anniversary on August 4.

He said: “Young men and women, from Falmouth, and all over Britain, eagerly queued up at recruiting stations to enlist in the armed forces, thinking that it would be all over by Christmas.

“But they had no idea of the carnage and death that awaited them in the Fields of Flanders, The Somme, and other poignant battlefields in Belgium and France. These cost the lives of 956,703 ground forces, not including the many hundreds of thousands from the British Empire who also died.

“Next year cities, towns, and villages all over Britain will be marking the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War, with commemorations and special events, to mark most probably one of the most darkest times in human conflict, when so many of their young men and women paid the ultimate sacrifice, the same as our young men and women, who were never to return home again.

“I would like to ask, what plans, if any, will be made, in marking this anniversary and remembering those Falmothians, not just those who died in battle, but also those who were fortunate enough to return home, and raise families.

“We owe them a great debt, all we can do is try and re-pay that debt by remembering them on this special anniversary.

He added: “I believe the people of Falmouth will expect it, and it’s up to us, the council to deliver it.”

Councillor Gerald Chin-Quee said: “It is absolutely essential we do mark this. We should be showing our respect.”

Mayor Geoffrey Evans said a service and wreath laying should take place at the memorial in Kimberley Park where the names of all those from the town who lost their lives are etched.

An exhibition of memorabilia is also likely to be arranged, possibly in the art gallery.