It could have been a rocky road for Falmouth mother Gwenda Chamberlain if Pendennis Point's resident rooster had not stepped in to save the day.

Unbeknown to Gwenda, from Mongleath Avenue, the bicycle that she was riding around Castle Drive last Friday was defective, due to a screw coming loose in the handle bars.

She was moments away from being flung head first over the top when resident rooster Rocky saved the day.

Proving he is more than a bird brained cockerel, Rocky - perhaps using an animal sixth sense - forced Gwenda to slow down as he refused to budge from the middle of the road.

As a result Gwenda was flung forward but stayed on the bike, as her handle bars gave way.

Gwenda told PPV: “Rocky wouldn't get out the road - I had to virtually stop because he wouldn't move. As I stopped I was flung forward because the screw had loosened out of my handle bars.

“If I had been going faster I would have gone over the top. If it hadn't been for Rocky I could have had a nasty accident.”

Gwenda is likely to be familiar face to Rocky, as her daughters Polly, eight, and six-year-old Ffion demand to visit him almost every weekend.