Pensioners at a Helston retirement home were busy bees last Friday when they planted wildlife friendly bulbs and seeds.

Residents of The Clies spent the afternoon creating a garden area in the grounds of the Anchor property in Meneage Street to help honey bees next spring.

It was part of Anchor’s Bee Friendly Campaign, which is seeing older people across the country working with the British Beekeepers Association to make gardens attractive to the honey bee.

Countrywide Ground Maintenance Ltd has donated bulbs and seeds which bloom in February and March when food is scarce for honey bees.These include daffodils, bluebells, crocuses, primrose, foxgloves and forget-me-not’s.

A speaker from the West Cornwall Beekeeper’s Association was on hand on Friday to explain the importance of bees.

Cynthia Holman, manager of The Clies, said the older people were taking part as they wanted to do their bit to help Britain’s wildlife.

She said: “In recent years, the bee population has come under threat with loss of habitat being one of the issues affecting their health.

“Bearing in mind that bees pollinate a third of the food we eat, everyone must do their bit to save the honey bee otherwise we will all be in dire straits.

“We are planting bulbs and seeds now so that they will bloom in early spring when honey bees, the only bees which don’t hibernate, start to forage for nectar and pollen as they rear new brood. We all felt we had to do our part because helping the honey bee will secure the diverse wildlife of this country for future generations.”

Philip Haywood, who has lived at The Clies for 15 years, said he and his friends were keen to help boost the bee population.

Brian Branagh, who has seven grandchildren, agreed: “I’ve always loved gardening and I know how important bees are when it comes to pollinating fruit trees and other plants that provide us with food.

“It’s obvious to people of my generation that you don’t see as many bees as when we were younger.

“It’s very sad they are under threat because they play such an important role.”

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