A university student from Porthleven is raising awareness of dyspraxia so people |understand why she can appear clumsy and muddled.

Abi Hocking, 18, was diagnosed with the condition at the age of four, after parents and teachers noticed how often she fell over.

Now working with Fixers, a charity that supports young people to campaign on any issue they want, Abi has created a short animation called Dyspraxia and Me.

Abi, now a history student at Plymouth University, said: “Teachers noticed I bumped into other children and fell off chairs for no reason.

With the falling over came a misunderstanding of her |condition making life hard for her – something she doesn’t want others to have to go through, hence the film.

“I want to let people know about dyspraxia because it’s a ‘secret’ disability which people should be made aware of.”