An 'entertainment and media entrepreneur' who lives in Port Navas and has worked with Chris Evans, Sacha Baron-Cohen and Anne Robinson has been selected to go head to head with sitting conservative MP, Defra minister George Eustice, at the next general election.

Michael Foster was selected as the Labour candidate for the Camborne and Redruth Constituency at a "packed" hustings meeting on Saturday.

“Michael combines tremendous energy with a gift for listening to people, learning from them, and understanding their concerns,” said CLP Chair Jude Robinson. He has a real vision for Cornwall, and we couldn’t be happier to have him as our candidate.”

Foster, an entertainment and media entrepreneur who works with clients Chris Evans, Sacha Baron-Cohen and Anne Robinson, will focus his campaign on "creating jobs in Cornwall that will allow young Cornish families to stay in the region by building on the investment in education the Labour government made in the region, rather than having to seek opportunity elsewhere.

“Cornwall has astonishing natural beauty, and its people have an extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit, work ethic, and pride,” said Foster.

“Instead of investing in Cornwall, as a Labour Government will do, the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition has squandered these advantages and left the region to fend for itself, whereas it was Labour who brought Objective One and Convergence funding to Cornwall"

“Cornwall’s chief export should not be its sons and daughters leaving to make their fortune elsewhere,” Foster said.

“With a real partner in a Labour Government, we can create opportunities that will keep Cornish families here, increasing people's earnings, exporting high-quality expertise, goods, and services that create prosperity throughout the region– all Made in Cornwall, with skill and pride. That is Labour’s promise for Cornwall.”