Users of a popular footpath in Falmouth are angry after an overflowing manhole flooded the area with sewage.

George Queen said that the flow of what looked and smelt like sewage was running along a footpath in the woods at Tregoniggie used by children going to school, dog walkers and people going to work.

He said that it was "pouring out at a great rate", and running across the footpath in several places before flowing into and polluting the stream, which flows into the lake at Swanpool.

He said: “It seems a disgrace that this should be allowed to continue, especially now when so much effort by a group of volunteers, the Friends of Tregoniggie, is being put into cleaning up the footpaths, planting bulbs and young trees and generally trying to improve the environment. Is this for some reason low on the list of priorities for South West Water. Surely they can unblock a sewer.”

A spokesman for South West Water responded that it was working on the problem with the Environment Agency, and had jetted the sewer at the weekend but needed to investigate further, and apologised for any distress caused.

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