South West Water has stepped up to support the work of volunteers keeping Penwith wild.

Since last September Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Wild Penwith volunteers have carried out over 160 hours of practical conservation work across west Penwith, helping to restore eight acres of important wildlife habitat, thanks to funding from the company. 

Liz Cox, project manager for Cornwall Wildlife Trust said: “Through South West Water’s funding Wild Penwith were able to run 27 practical volunteer days, including nine community events, since last September, which overall were attended by over 240 people. We are delighted to announce that South West Water have agreed to support Wild Penwith again over the next year.”

Liz continues, “Wild Penwith works with local farmers and landowners to restore and re-connect wildlife habitats and improve water quality across west Penwith. The Wild Penwith Volunteer group plays an important role in supporting our work with farmers by providing them with practical help to look after wildlife habitats on their land.

"It is also a wonderful thing for people to be involved in, giving them the opportunity to see more of the Penwith countryside and learn about the local landscape”.

The trust’s Wild Penwith Volunteers meet every Tuesday to undertake habitat management tasks as part of Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Wild Penwith project. Tasks range from scrub cutting on heathland and bracken clearance on historic sites to repairing Cornish hedges and clearing invasive plants from streams. Practical works like this are important for wildlife by, for example, helping to keep areas open for wildflowers and insects on heathland, or keeping streams healthy for the fish and otters that use them.

Wild Penwith Volunteers are always looking for new members to join them, if you would like to come along contact Wild Penwith Volunteer Coordinator David May on: 07920 816020 or email To find out more about the Wild Penwith project and Wild Penwith Volunteer group visit