SHOPPERS and visitors to Falmouth on Saturday will be offered free hugs, high fives and handshakes as part of National Good Gestures Day, an initiative of the terminally ill teenager, Stephen Sutton, who has captured the hearts of the nation.

Falmouth is one of only ten towns in the country to be taking part in the event which will see a group of well-wishers descend on Market Strand to help Stephen fulfil his personal mission to spread happiness.

Falmouth University dance student Bethany Hughes, who went to school with Stephen, is leading Good Gestures Day in Falmouth.

Between 11am and 3pm, she will be joined by friends and is inviting anyone else to get involved.

“Knowing ‘Ste’ is like having a constant ray of sunshine in your life,” said Bethany.

“He knows exactly how to cheer people up, and if he ever sees you’re feeling a bit down, he comes over, cracks a joke and makes you feel about 50,000 times better.

“I can guarantee that all his friends will continue to spread his message, and I do think his story will be told in 50 or 60 years time simply because of the volume of people he has touched.”

The ten events across the UK are being organised by Stephen’s friends with the support of Fixers, the national charity which helps young people tackle any issue that matters to them.

Stephen, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer at 15, has been told his condition is terminal. However, he even made an emotional farewell from his hospital bed, before making a miraculous improvement which has seen him discharged from hospital.

He hit the headlines when his fundraising campaign was picked up by celebrities who helped smash the £3 million barrier.

Bethany, who had visited Stephen in hospital, was asked by him to lead the Falmouth event.

“Knowing how much it means to ‘Ste’ is really important to me and I’m so proud to be leading National Good Gestures Day in Falmouth,” she said.

“It’s basically just a day of fun, happiness and being kind. ‘Ste’ has always continued to remain positive and this is a great way to spread his message that we should all live our lives to the full, and predominately, stay happy.”