A king-sized kitty that is twice his recommended weight is in need of a new home in Cornwall. 

The six-year-old ginger male, rather appropriately named Chunky, is being looked after at Cats Protection’s Cornwall Adoption Centre and weighed 10.7 kg when he was brought in last month from Truro. A healthy adult cat should weigh between four and five kilos.

Mark Magee, the centre’s manager, said: “Chunky was brought to us after his owners were finding it difficult to help him lose weight and could no longer look after him.

"He is at significant risk of health problems such as diabetes and arthritis, so it is essential that we help him to lose weight, though it needs to be a gradual process as it is dangerous for a cat to shed weight too quickly.

“He has been making good progress and currently weighs 10kg. We are now looking to find him a home in the Cornwall area where his new owners will help Chunky towards his ideal target weight, with the centre on hand to provide advice.

“He’ll make a lovely pet as he is chatty and he loves rolling around when there’s a grooming or a fuss to be had! He’d be best suited to a home without very young children where he can be the only pet.”

A Cats Protection survey of 1,120 owners indicates that around a quarter of cats (23 per cent) are regarded by their owners to be overweight but by following a few simple steps, owners can help their puss to lose weight and stay healthy:

• Seek advice from a vet about helping an overweight pet cat to lose weight

• Choose a reputable cat food, and stick to the manufacturer’s recommended feeding amount when feeding cats

• Avoid giving fatty foods such as cheese, chocolate, crisps and other ‘human’ food. If you want to offer a cat a special treat, give him a little boiled fish or boneless chicken

To adopt Chunky or any of the other unwanted cats at Cats Protection’s Cornwall Adoption Centre, then please call 01872 870575 or email cornwall@cats.org.uk.

To adopt a cat from elsewhere in the UK, please log on to www.cats.org.uk and use the charity’s Find a cat function, where by inputting a postcode, people can see all of the cats available for adoption within a 20 mile radius of their home.