There have been plenty of strong opinions aired following the unveiling last week of plans for a resort building at the site of the former Falmouth Beach Hotel.

The proposal includes an ‘iconic’ building shaped like the top of an ocean going liner with 51 sea facing apartments, 30 hotel suites, six woodland eco lodges and 70 new jobs.

Packet reporter Peter Johnstone asked some Falmouth residents what they thought of the plans, with reaction ranging from “eyesore” to “great”.

What do you think? Have your say below.

Two Falmouth girls, Vicky and Lara enjoying the sun on Gyllyngvase Beach, with friend Dani were enthusiastic about the idea.

“I think it’s good for work,” said Vicky. “It will provide a lot of jobs, and the tourists are quite important to Falmouth.”

“I like the idea,” said Lara. “I go to St Michael’s to use the gym and swim so it would be good, I think.

“It will be good for the summer, and for tourism, and good for Falmouth. Although some people might think it would be too big and stand out.

Falmouth resident and former student Greg Dennis said: “It looks cool. Something needs to go there. It will be good for business and good for tourism. It will either be that or what else? Something’s got to go there soon.

Another Falmouth resident, Sylvia Vodden, said: “It certainly is fantastic. How many storeys is that?

“I suppose it would be a nice thing to have, better than what there is now. It’s not much higher than what the old one was, so not much different.

Lee Williams from Falmouth was all for the idea. He said: “I’m all for progress, and don’t think things should be stifled because of what used to be there.

“If it helps the local economy in terms of jobs and attracts more people into town, more tourists, then great. How it fits in is hard to predict from that picture.

Falmouth University resident Jamie Cullier said: “It won’t fit with everything else. There’s all modern stuff. The rest of Falmouth is traditional seaside stuff.

“I’d rather more traditional buildings, just to fit in.”

Rosy Penner, also from Falmouth, said it was better than nothing happening to the site.

“Best to be used but it’s quite big and a bit of an eyesore, but the block of flats on the other side are probably less attractive.

“There’s always big hotels down there and always will be, so you can’t fight it too much.”