Falmouth Coastguard is currently involved in a search and rescue operation in the Indian Ocean.

At 8.30am this morning the Falmouth Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre received an emergency positioning beacon alert from a 45ft yacht with three people on board, including a British national, around 300 miles south of the Seychelles.

The vessel has suffered severe damage to its main rudder and is taking on water, with crew using pumps to limit the amount of water taken onboard.

Falmouth Coastguards requested a Maersk tanker in the region to divert to the yacht's location. The tanker’s estimated time of arrival is around 7.30pm UK time, due to adverse weather conditions in the area. The seas are rough to very rough with wind speeds in excess of 25 knots.

Falmouth has also alerted nearby authorities, including the Seychelles Coastguard, and other resources in the region.

Falmouth Coastguard watch manager, Martin Bidmead, said: "The yacht’s remote location presents a number of challenges and the Falmouth MRCC has alerted the Seychelles Coastguard and other vessels in the region to get the search and rescue operation under way and assist the crew of this yacht as quickly as possible. We continue to be in touch with the vessel providing advice and updates.”