A much loved pet dog from Newquay that went missing in July has been found over 230 miles away in Worcestershire after being picked up as a stray.

Bella, a black Patterdale cross Spaniel owned by Parisa Jenkins, vanished from her home in Newquay in July, and seems to have been on an epic journey ever since.

At the time of her disappearance Bella was out in the garden. Thinking she had curled up somewhere in the garden, it was a while before anyone realised Bella had vanished. 

There were also fears that Bella had been stolen.

A campaign online asking for help tracing Bella down attracted over 1,900 members on Facebook, and just days ago Parisa Jenkins sent out a message on the Find Bella page saying: "There is just one question I want the answer to; will I find her? I would like to think that I will, but, I really don't know. All this energy put into trying to find her but will it pay off?"

Little knowing that the answer would be a resounding yes.

Today a message went out all the supporters saying: "Bella is found. She's in Kiddiminster. Picked up as a stray on July 15 by someone who was house sitting and taken home. We are going to get her tonight."

The response to the news online has been huge, with supporters overjoyed to hear the pet pooch has been found.

Among the hundreds of message was one from Sherli Hall, who said: "All the love and dedication to her search has been amazing!! Goes to show u should never give up hope. Well done to whoever it was who found her, I hope she is well."

While Kellie Perks added: "I just did the biggest gasp.So so happy she's been found. You must be over the moon.Happy happy day."