The unfortunate placement of a sticker on a van owned by superyacht firm Pendennis has been raising a giggle online this week, and rather than hide away, the company's bosses decided to embrace the publicity and use it for a very good cause.

The van sticker spells out 'penis' when the door is open on the van, as other letters are covered up, and the pictures, and laughter, quickly spread on social media.

In a moment of inspiration the directors and marketing team at Pendennis decided to use the van as the setting for their very own ice bucket challenge, to help raise awareness and funds for fantastic Falmouth based cancer charity Pants.

The company said: "Thanks for all the comments about our unfortunate van design. The directors and marketing team at Pendennis would like to use the publicity we've received to raise awareness of a local charity that promotes awareness of testicular cancer, If you have laughed at our van graphics feel free to donate."

The company has now challenged all their followers on social media to take part and raise some cash.

Here at thepacket we tip our hat to them all.