Coverack has been effectively split in two for the second time in a year as the seafront road has been closed following due to sewage "squirting out" of the sea wall.

Cormac has confirmed that the road will be closed to allow contractors to investigate the pipe, which runs from a sewage pumping station to the main drain, and carry out repair works.

Cormac environmental supervisor Chris Fanelli said: "Every time the pump kicks in it's not pumping through the line but out to the surface, and out onto the road and through the sea wall.

"We've closed off the front at the moment, for how long we don't know.

"Until they dig in they won't know what they are going to find."

"Hopefully there's nothing major wrong with the road but it's lifted the tarmac in a few places, so to err on the side of caution they have closed the road off."

Thousands of gallons of sewage are reportedly "shooting out" of the sea wall at Coverack, endangering the newly repaired road that collapsed last winter.

St Keverne Parish Council chairman Bill Frisken, said: "We've suddenly got a huge sewage leak in Coverack.

"It's squirting out through the sea wall and coming up through the road at a rate that I would estimate to a at least 1,000 gallons an hour. It's just shooting out."

He said he believed that the water will be washing away material from underneath the road, which could lead to a collapse similar to the one during the storms early this year, so is urging drivers to stay clear of the road.