Do you have any old pictures or papers connected to Madron? If so, then Penwith Points of View would like to hear from you.

People with a connection to Madron are being asked to bring documents and photos of the parish along to be scanned at an open event of the Penwith Points of View project.

Penwith Points of View project is a two-year heritage project taking place in Madron parish and one of the objectives is to expand the archive for the area.

“Madron has a very rich history, and it is important to collect more recent history as well as that of the distant past. We are asking people to bring family papers and photos as well as other documents of interest to be professionally copied,” said event co-ordinator Jane Howells.

During the day, recordings will also be made of reminiscences and recollections of events that took place in the parish, while help is needed to put names to the faces in some old photos.

On show throughout the event will be a series of photos of Madron, reports and documents detailing the history of the parish and archival films. There will be free refreshments available all day.

The exhibition and document scanning will take place from 10.30am until 3.30pm, on Saturday, November 22, in the Billiard Room, Landithy Hall, Madron.

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