Wildlife watchers out at sea on an AK Wildlife Cruises trip were treated to the sight of some sleek white-beaked dolphins frolicking off Falmouth.

The white-beaked dolphin is found in a wide swathe of the North Atlantic Ocean and is found in a band stretching across the ocean from Cape Cod, the mouth of the St. Lawrence River and southern Greenland in the west, around Iceland in the centre, and across in the west from northern France to Svalbard.

AK Wildlife Cruises operates all year long offering wildlife trips out of Falmouth with Captain Keith Leeves at the helm.

Among the birds and marine animals that can be seen are bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, porpoise, storm petrels, puffins, fulmars, gannets, manx shearwaters, shags, peregrine falcons, and migrating birds.

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Falmouth Packet:

Falmouth Packet: