Truro and Penwith College has topped latest government league tables both locally and nationally.

The college was not only the best performing 16 to 18-year-old provider in Cornwall, but topped national tables for progress and attainment on many key measures in the government’s official national post-16 performance tables for schools and colleges show that in 2014.

The latest DfE tables also confirm that the college is the largest Cornish post-16 provider of both A levels and higher vocational qualifications.

On the key measure for academic provision (including A levels), the college’s scored the highest achieved of any general FE and tertiary college |in England, and well above that achieved by any other state provider in the county.

These new league tables also confirm the outstanding post-GCSE progress made by A level and other academic students at the college.

Students achieved significantly higher grades than those predicted by their GCSE results. This was confirmed in the college’s value added score, which is not only the highest achieved in Cornwall but the highest achieved by any college in the country. This places Truro and Penwith College in the top one per cent of all A level providers.

The performance of the nearly 900 students following higher level vocational courses at the college was also excellent. Here again the college scores were above both the national and Cornwall averages on every measure.

College Principal David Walrond was delighted with this latest official Department for Education assessment of its performance: “Whereas the GCSE or pre-16 tables have seen a great deal of turbulence and some national and local criticism this year, the post-16 A-level and equivalents tables are more established, more accepted and better understood.

“There are various post-16 measures, and seizing on one as a single headline is not straightforward, but we do not |have to with success across this |range of indicators. To be topping so many of these key Department for Education achievement measures, against both local and national comparisons, allows this college to claim with confidence that teaching |and learning and student support |here really are exceptional. Our students and their results are the best advertisement we can have for |the proven success of outstanding tertiary college provision”.