Enys near Mylor will be hosting a Memory Day next Wednesday, March 11, when people are invited to contribute their own memories of the estate and people who lived there.

“Memory Day will be an important part of our oral history project, finding and recording memories of Enys’s past,” said Wendy Fowler, co-owner of Enys. “We even have people coming who are related to, or remember, the Dutch Naval cadets, who were stationed at Enys during the War when Holland was occupied by the Nazis.

“Later this year we have the wedding at Enys of a granddaughter of one of the Dutch sailors. The grandparents actually met while he was at Enys and she was living in Falmouth, so we’re completing the circle. It’s great for them and really moving for us too.”

Assistant gardener, Mark Jones, was clearing overgrown vegetation from the rose arbour at the side of the house and was amazed to find a shallow granite basin at ground level, which no-one knew was there. “Was it a fountain base? We don’t know,” he said. “Perhaps someone will come to Memory Day who knows what it was – even with photos.”

If you have memories of the estate, gardens, were employed or lived there, or even went to the boys’ school there in the fifties, you are encouraged to go along next week and take any photos you have to show others and possible have copied.

Three university students who have been interviewing for the oral history project will be on hand to record people’s memories if you wish.

Or if you are just interested in Enys’s recent history, why not go along and see the photos displayed and talk to those who remember the place and people?

There will also be two audio chairs, loaned by Truro City Council, which have speakers in the wings so people can sit in a chair in Enys House and listen to some of the memories already recorded.

Memory Day is open to the public 11am until 3pm. Entry is free, but donations will be welcomed and put towards rebuilding the estate’s third summerhouse.

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