Local inclusive dance and arts charity Shallal, which works extensively in Falmouth, is closing in on its goal of raising £118,000 for a major new three year project bringing people of all ages and abilities together to enjoy self expression and creativity.

However, help is urgently needed to make it happen before time runs out. National funding organisations Arts Council England and Heritage Lottery Fund have pledged a combined £80,000 towards this project, which uses dance and arts to celebrate Cornish Heritage, but the money will be withdrawn unless match funding is secured by June 10 .

Shallal is calling on supporters to donate any amount, large or small, in one last effort to get the project funded and keep this money in Cornwall for our communities.

The county-wide project entitled Cornish Doorways works with the libraries as well as arts and heritage venues to offer skills and opportunities well as boosting self confidence and improving the health and wellbeing of participants.

"Shallal has opened up a whole new life for people with a disability, increasing their self worth, realising their potential as people and improving their quality of life," said Shallal Dance Company member Marjorie aged 83. "The new project would be a dream come true."

Shallal is an established charity with over 20 years of delivering inclusive projects in Cornwall. The charity has a matter of weeks to find this money before funding is withdrawn. To donate, email admin@shallal.org.uk. If you want to learn more about Shallal visit www.shallal.org.uk and www.shallalstudios.com .