The landlady of a Falmouth Pub at the centre of a row over refusing service to a disabled man has issued an apology, but still stands by her decision.

Jess Stunell, the landlady of the Cutty Sark, said in a statement that she wished to apologise to Alex Barker, who has  Moebius Syndrome and facial palsy, and claims he was refused a drink after a barmaid mistook his disability for signs of drunkenness.

Mr Barker told press earlier in the week that he had only had one beer before going to the pub, and he left after being refused service, but when he decided to go back the next day and confront staff they were unapologetic.

However, Ms Stunell has said that she thought he was drunk before even seeing his face as she saw him stumble on the way into the pub, and that was when she looked at the bar staff and told them not to serve him.

She said: "They said 'you've had enough' and he said 'ok' and left."

Ms Stunell, said she has CCTV footage of Mr Barker in the pub, and also claims to have seen several pictures on Facebook of him drinking during the day.

She said: "He came in the next day to complain and claimed it was because of how he looked, and she replied it was simply because he had had enough, at which point he became quite loud and aggressive and "stormed off."

In a statement of apology, she wrote: "The Cutty Sark would like to apologise for any undue distress caused to Mr Barker on his visit.

"Alex stumbled on his way into the pub, after having a meal and alcohol at another establishment, and the decision was made to refuse service.

"There were a number of customers in the bar that day and an evaluation needed to be made considering the safety of both Alex and the other patrons.

"Staff have to make an instant decision over service, to ensure the safety of all customers based on their perception of the potential risk.

"The Cutty Sark has numerous customers with additional requirements and we aim to assist our customers in the best way we can.

"This was not out of any discrimination, but out of a genuine concern for the safety and welfare of all our customers.

"We operate a zero tolerance policy against discrimination of any kind and will continue to do so."

Since the story of the ban on Mr Barker went national, friends of Ms Stunnel say that she has received hate mail and been targetted on social media.