POLITICAL party Mebyon Kernow has condemned the actions of Cornish action group An Gof after it sprayed anti-English graffiti on buildings and slashed English flags in people's gardens.

Graffiti has appeared in Falmouth at the entrance to the Old Hill estate calling for a "free Cornwall" as well as on the railway bridge over Arch Hill in Truro.

Mebyon Kernow, which styles itself the party for Cornwall, has issued the a flag of St George was slashed in Threemilestone.

"Mebyon Kernow - the Party for Cornwall unreservedly condemns the vandalism carried out by those misusing the name 'An Gof' and we call upon all other Cornish organisations to publicly disassociate themselves from the attacks," it says in its statement.

"We believe that these mindless actions are those of one or two misguided individuals who do not realise that their negative actions are undermining the good work being done by so many people, campaigning hard for a better deal for Cornwall.

"We would appeal to whoever are calling themselves 'An Gof' to stop what they are doing and work for Cornwall through other positive means."

An Gof hit the headlines in 1980 when it claimed responsibility for a bomb set off in St Austell magistrates court as well as fires in a number of buildings including the Zodiac Bingo Hall in Redruth.

They also claimed responsibility for an attempted explosion at Beacon Village Hall and for placing broken glass in the sand at Portreath to deter tourists.

Sine then the group has been dormant but in March of this year it claimed it was reactivating and vowed to destroy any English flags flown in the county.

The organisation takes its name from Michael An Gof, a leader of the Cornish Rebellion of 1497.