A health and safety inspector has urged farmers to make workers aware of the dangers of overhead power lines after a man was electrocuted and died at a farm near Falmouth.

Konrad Miskiewicz, 24, from Poland, was working on a potato harvester for farming company Pengelly Farms Ltd when the machine hit an overhead power cable in July 2011.

He either stepped or was thrown from the harvester at Higher Kergilliack Farm and was pronounced dead at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro. Three other workers who remained on the machine survived.

Georgina Speake, an inspector for the Health and Safety Executive, said: “The danger posed by overhead powerlines is substantial. If an incident occurs, electricity is potentially lethal. It is a danger which must be identified and adequately considered and the risk acceptably reduced.

"In this case one man died and one was injured. More people could, very easily have died as a result of this incident. The other pickers and the harvester driver were put at considerable risk.

“HSE urges farmers and landowners to make employees aware of any overhead lines for example by marking them on farm maps, placing warning signs on gate entrances and providing simple instructions and training in a way in which migrant workers can also understand.

“Information on working safely near overhead powerlines can be obtained from the Health and Safety Executive and from Western Power Distribution.”

In a hearing at Truro Crown Court, Pengelly Farms Ltd of Newham Road, Truro, admitted breaching health and safety regulations and was ordered to pay a £75,000 fine and £50,000 in costs.