A leading county cricket centre is embracing the very latest technology to help it put a new spin on an old classic.

Truro College has unveiled a state-of-the-art cricket analysis machine, the only one of its kind in Cornwall, which it hopes will help to fine tune its growing alumni of cricketing professionals.

The equipment analyses a student’s batting and bowling motion using a variety of high-tech cameras set at different angles. The set-up then delivers students with a clear video analysis of their technique and offers tips to coaches on how they could improve.

Currently, there are only two other cricket analysis machines in the South West, both in Somerset.

“It’s a really interesting piece of kit which gives me in depth analysis from three or four different camera angles,” said A Level student Jack Paull. “There are a lot of tools to help see the movement, direction and spin on the ball – the slow motion helps me to work out weaknesses and what I need to work on.”

The equipment stores the students’ data on an App which makes it easier to access performance data on-the-go from personal mobile phones or tablets.

Truro College hopes that 30 of its Cricket Academy students will be getting a lifetime login to the machine, so they can track their progress, even after leaving the College. With access to the new equipment, combined with the expert coaching on offer, it’s hoped that more students will achieve the success of Academy alumni, which includes Jake Libby, who has a two year contract with Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club.

“The equipment is state-of-the-art technology, which no one else can offer in Cornwall,” said Sean Hooper, Truro College cricket lecturer. “It increases the opportunity to watch back performances to help focus on what the students need to develop and improve on.”

Students have been bowled over by the technology’s success by being able to watch how their performance has improved in training as well as on the field.

Jack’s brother Ollie Paull, a Sport & Exercise Science student, added: “It’s the type of equipment that you don’t normally get in Cornwall, but something the professionals use. I’m really excited to use the high tech, high quality equipment, to develop myself to a new standard.”