A community leader has hit out at whoever was responsible for dumping a bin bag full of stinking dog mess in a lane in Falmouth last weekend.

To make matters worse, it was the second time in a week that it had happened which led to June Chappel, chair of the Beacon Community Regeneration Partnership, highlighting the "disgusting" practice.

"I do not see why we should have other people's rubbish dumped on our doorstep," she said. "They would have to have had transport to bring it here and what's worse is there is a dog bin only a two yards from the phone box at the top of the lane."

The lane in question runs from Grenville Road, opposite the Beacon Resource Centre, down to Dracaena Gardens. Only last week June had carried out a litter pick in the area and collected three bags full of rubbish, which made her grim find even more annoying.

"Sunday's was the second in a week," said June. "Last Tuesday the council came and collected two bags after I called them on the Monday. Then, I was out walking my friend's dog on Sunday evening when I found the other bag - it was absolutely disgusting and was stinking."

The bag had not been there Sunday morning, but had been dumped by the time June walked the dog again at about 6.30pm. "I cannot understand why anyone would do that," she said. "Why didn't they just put it out with their own rubbish? They must have been collecting it all week and then put it in the one bag and dumped that here. It doesn't make any sense."

On a positive note, the area is to get a bit of a spring clean on Monday, February 15, with the help of the Falmouth Police Cadets. A group of them, led by PCSO Becky Bromley, have volunteered to carry out a litter pick and are inviting local residents to get involved. For more information contact June on 212784.