With romance in the air and declarations of love made for Valentine's Day, Falmouth Art Gallery has been getting into the spirit by offering coin-operated "wedding services" via the amazing contraption that is Sam Lanyon’s Autowed.

Autowed, which stands six feet tall in Cadillac pink, is an automated machine that talks you through the marital ceremony in easy audio prompted steps. It also dispenses rings and a certificate "authenticating" the marriage. You can renew your vows, opt for a straight or gay ceremony, or seal your friendship with your BFF.

The wedding machine is designed and built by Falmouth-based designer and technologist Sam Lanyon of Concept Shed who has been coming up with unusual ideas, products and solutions for clients since 2006.

"The wedding season is fast approaching and Autowed offers a quick, fun and humorous alternative to the traditional wedding experience," said Natalie Rigby, the gallery's collections' manager. "Contemplating vow renewal? Here’s your opportunity. For just two £1 coins Autowed does the job with plenty of accompanying laughter."

Autowed is on display as part of the current Kith and Kin exhibition, which showcases the multiple generations of artist families living and working in Cornwall. The gallery has worked in collaboration with Belgrave St Ives to secure works by up to three generations of the Frost, Hilton, Lanyon and Nicholson families. The art of Terry Frost, Rose and Roger Hilton, Peter Lanyon and Ben and Winifred Nicholson is on display alongside works by their artist children and grandchildren.

Kith and Kin, and the Autowed machine, can be seen until April 16 and admission free.