Lisa Dolley, Cornwall Councillor for Redruth North who had been deputy leader of the Independent group at County Hall has quit the Independents to join the Liberal Democrats.

Lisa, who has fought and won two successive Cornwall Council elections as an Independent, made the decision because she has become increasingly disillusioned with the way the national Conservative Government has slashed local authority budgets in Cornwall to almost unworkable levels.

She feels a strong affinity with Liberal Democrat principles and while she says she respects her independent colleagues she feels the most effective way to oppose government cuts and protect front line services for her constituents is through working with the Liberal Democrat group at County Hall.

Lisa said: "It is pretty clear that the Conservatives have little understanding of how Cornwall works. In the general election they promised local people that if they turned to the Conservatives Cornwall would prosper. The reality just ten months on is that the Conservatives have failed to live up to their promises over cash to improve our railways, have tried to drive a coach and horses through Cornwall Council's affordable housing strategy and have slashed our budgets so hard that front line services are now in real danger.

"Labour on the other hand are merely bystanders with little or no influence over what happens in Cornwall. The Liberal Democrats are the only credible alternative to the Conservatives here."

Adam Paynter leader of the Lib Dem group on Cornwall Council said: "The Liberal Democrats offer a warm welcome Lisa Dolley to our group at County Hall. She has made a difficult and courageous decision for the sake of her local constituents in Redruth North. I look forward to her input in our group where I know she will make an immediate impact standing up to Conservative cuts. I invite any other independents or councillors from other groups who are thinking of making the move to the Liberal Democrats to get in touch."