Herds of life-size dinosaurs have been flocking to Flambards to form part of the Helston theme park’s newest, and oldest, attraction.

Among the prehistoric arrivals is a giant brachiosaurus, a five-metre Triceratops, a six-metre Stegosaurus and a group of three-metre Velociraptors. As well as the Jurassic giants, staff also welcomed a skeleton of a Sabre Tooth Tiger.

The dinosaurs will form part of Flambards' new ‘Jurassic Journey’ feature, which launches on Saturday, March 19 when the park reopens fully for the Easter holidays.

Visitors will be taken on an expedition back through time to an era when dinosaurs roamed the earth, venturing in to a Jurassic-themed landscape that will be home to more than a dozen different dinosaurs ranging from a metre-long baby Stegosaurus to giant Triceratops which grew to more than seven metres in length.

Little ones will be able to take the Dino-Express ride and spot life-size dinosaurs, whilst budding palaeontologists will be able to visit the Dino-Dig and Jurassic Nursery to spot giant dinosaur eggs along with complete dinosaur skeletons.

Flambards manager Richard Smith said: "We’re delighted to get the first of the dinosaurs delivered and are looking forward to introducing them to their new home.

"The figures are large, unusually-shaped and tricky to unload so we’re especially pleased they have all arrived safe and well.

“We’re expecting more dinosaurs to be arriving over the next month so don’t be surprised if you spot them making their way here."

Other new species set to arrive in the coming days include a nest of Pteranodon hatchlings.